Bogotá * Zipaquira  *Neiva *San Agustin  *Parque Nacional Puracé * * Popayán *Cali * Manizales.


Visitas a: Parque de Orquideas en Bogotá, tour Panoramico Fusagasugá y Girardot, Catedral de Sal, observación cultivos de papa en Boyacá, caminata desierto de la Tatacoa, observación represa de Betania, Parque arqueológico de San Agustín, Parque Nacional Puracé, City tour en Popayán, City tour en Cali, City tour en Manizales. Conferencias y charlas en Temas ambientales, económicos, sociales y de geografía urbana orientado a grupos de estudiantes, profesores o empresas.




(Visit: Biosphere Reserve)

DAY 1: Group hotel accommodation, rest and accommodation in Bogotá.


DAY 2: BREAKFAST, Sabana de Bogotá, Zipaquirá (option to see the Cathedral of Sal.) Return, rest and accommodation in Bogotá.



DAY 3: BREAKFAST, departure to Fusagasugá-Girardot-Neiva. Rest and accommodation in Neiva.


DAY 4: BREAKFAST, Departure to San Agustín, Betania dam. Rest and accommodation in San Agustín.


DAY 5: BREAKFAST, visit to the Archaeological Park of San Agustín. Horseback tour Return to the hotel. Rest and accommodation in San Agustín


DAY 6: BREAKFAST, departure to the Andean belt, via Isnos-Paletara-Coconuco-Popayán. Free afternoon. 7:00 pm: Reception at the Mosquera house, welcome cocktail. Rest and accommodation in Popayán.


DAY 7: BREAKFAST, Meeting in Popayán with academics and NGOs, discussion on climate change processes in southern Colombia. Meeting with National Parks, Environmental Studies Group Meeting. Responsible: Professor Luis Alfonso Ortega Aqueduct Auditorium of Popayán. Historical Center Tour. Rest and accommodation in Popayán.


DAY 8: BREAKFAST, Transfer to Purace, Visit to plots with arrangements for adaptation to climate change in Parcela Patía, visit to Risk management pilot in Hispala. Visit to conservation areas Piedra del Cóndor. Conversation Puracé indigenous council, rest and accommodation in Puracé.


DAY 9: BREAKFAST, Climb to the Purace Volcano. Rest and Accommodation in Puracé.


DAY 10: BREAKFAST, Thermal visit of San Juan, valley of the frailejones. Wetland of San Rafael. Transfer to Popayán. Rest and Accommodation in Popayán.


DAY 11: BREAKFAST, Departure to Coconuco visit adaptation processes. Rest and accommodation in Popayán.


DAY 12: BREAKFAST, Departure to Río Piedras Basin. Visit to plots with arrangements for adaptation to climate change. Fieldwork planning. Return to Popayán. Rest and Accommodation in Popayán.


DAY 13: BREAKFAST, Departure to Río Piedras Basin, Field work in Rio Piedras. Rest and Lodging in Rio Piedras Basin.


DAY 14: BREAKFAST, Field work in Rio Piedras. Rest and Lodging in Rio Piedras Basin.


DAY 15: BREAKFAST, Departure to Popayán, meeting and conclusions about the visit. Rest and Accommodation in Popayán.


DAY 16: BREAKFAST, Departure to Cali, City Tour, rest and accommodation in Cali.


DAY 17: BREAKFAST, Departure to Pereira- Manizales, Coffee Sector, arrival. City Tour in Manizales. Rest and accommodation in Manizales.


DAY 18: BREAKFAST, Departure to Bogotá, Arrival at the hotel Lodging in Bogotá.






Day 1: Arrival to Bogota international flight - transfer (private transport) Airport - hotel located in Zona Candelaria.


Day 2: Breakfast. City tour, Historical Center, Plaza de Bolívar, Gold Museum, transfer to the station for ascent to Cerro de Monserrate (panoramic and religious). Return to the Hotel, Rest.


Day 3: Breakfast, Transfer in private transport, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá- Raquira - artisan village, then Villa de Leiva. Accommodation. Tour at night to the historic center, Colonial town.


Day 4: Breakfast. Visit surroundings, Fossil Museum, and Ecce Homo Convent - panoramic Valley of the Dinosaurs. Return to the hotel Rest. Accommodation.


Day 5:  Breakfast, departure from Villa de Leiva - Tunja - Boyacá Bridge (historical), Bogotá - airport - flight to Cali . Arrival at the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón airport - transfer to the Hotel in Cali Sector San Antonio - At night visit salsa school with dinner show. Back to the hotel.


Day 6: Breakfast to continue City tour and to the Plaza de Mercado de Alameda, then via Hacienda Piedechinche - Museo de la Caña sector of El Paraíso, to continue to the coffee plantation. Accommodation. Rest and coffee tasting.


Day 7: Breakfast. In the morning visit for coffee process tour - Free afternoon. Dinner, Accommodation.


Day 8: Breakfast. Visit Valle de Cocora natural area Boscosa- then visit Salento village of architecture Native Colonization (Antioquia) Crafts. Back to the hotel. Dinner, accommodation.


Day 9: Breakfast. To continue the Armenia - Medellín route (5 hrs 30 min approx), initial coffee landscape, bordering the Cauca River and mountainous until the city of "Eterna primavera Medellín". Until the sector of the Lodging Village.


Day 10: Breakfast. City tour Medellín, Pueblito Paisa, Plaza Botero, Berrio Park - Free afternoon - return hotel, accommodation.

Day 11: Breakfast. To continue Full day - Santa Fe de Antioquia- Colonial city tour - historic center. Return in the afternoon, accommodation.


Day 12: Breakfast, Transfer from the hotel to the International Airport of Rionegro. Flight Medellín - Cartagena: 12:30 (Duration: 1 hr and 22 min). Transfer from the airport to Hotel Capilla del Mar. Free afternoon, accommodation.


Day 13: Breakfast, panoramic City Tour, and walk historic center - walled city - free afternoon. Accommodation.


Day 14: Breakfast, Transfer to the dock to continue tour Islas del Rosario National Park, by boat with lunch included - Full day.


Day 15: Breakfast. Transfer to Rafael Nuñez Cartagena Airport to take Flight Cartagena - Bogota and international flight connection.




"A journey through the Biodiversity of the Colombian field- Rest and Research"


Day 1, Friday

Arrival in Bogota  Transfer to the hotel, Check-In, Rest. Dinner at the Acacias restaurant. Lodging, hotel Bogotá Virrey.


Day 2, Saturday

Breakfast. In the morning City Tour Historical Center La Candelaria, Nariño Palace, Plaza de Bolívar, Gold Museum. In the afternoon visit Cerro de Monserrate panoramic of Bogotá. Optional dinner Sea food restaurant (on behalf of the user, Restaurant La Fragata Cra. 9ª No.77-19), Lodging, hotel Bogotá Virrey.


Day 3, Sunday

Breakfast. Visit Popular Market (fruits and products of the field) in the sector of Palo Quemado, to continue to the Parque de Las Orquídeas Tequendama. Lunch, in the afternoon free. Optional. Folkloric show in La Candelaria. Rest, Hotel Bogotá Virrey.


Day 4 Monday.

Breakfast. Departure Bogotá-Zipaquira, visit Salt Cathedral, lunch in Zipaquira. Ráquira (typical handicrafts), Departure to Villa de Leiva, Check-In, City Tour. Mesón de los Virreyes Accommodation. Dinner


Day 5, Tuesday

Breakfast. Visit Cultivation of Papas Vereda "Chapel 2" Finca San Antonio Villa de Leiva (snack: puff pastry with water of cane sugar or coffee) in the afternoon Hacienda Vanguardia - Santa Sofía. Transportation in chiva (typical vehicle). Lunch (Fruits, processed meat (ham others, Juice and beer) Lodging Mesón de los Virreyes, Dinner Night Integration


Day 6, Wednesday

07:00 Am Breakfast: Land transfer. Villa de Leiva - Bogotá, visit Koyomad Productos Cárnicos (with lunch), then transfer to El Dorado Airport to take flight Bogotá to Popayán, Transfer Guillermo León Airport Valencia - Hotel. Check-in Dinner and accommodation at Camino Real hotel.


Day 7, Thursday

Breakfast. City Tour Historical Center (2 hrs) visit Dezaley Café. Lunch in Wings and Roots (Sancocho and Empanadas de Pipián), in the afternoon visit of the Troje. 8:00 pm Dinner at the Popayán Italian restaurant. Hotel Camino Real.


Day 8, Friday

07:00 Breakfast. Visit hatchery egg laying hens and Paprika Crops "Isla del Pontón" (Venta de Cajibio village), continue towards Silvia. Lunch Restaurant, "El Paisa" and exit to Pitayo Cheese production (typical snack). Return to Silvia and lodging in Comfandi de Silvia hostel, Dinner at the hotel. Optional Tertulia and musical show Guambiana culture.


Day 9, Saturday

Breakfast. Exit Silvia - Pan-American route, Visit Cultivation and production of Piñas Santander de Quilichao. Visit Finca García Bajo in Padilla Cauca, Cebu livestock. Then to Cali. MS Centenario Plaza accommodation. Optional: salsa night (folk dances).


Day 10, Sunday

Breakfast. City tour Historic Cali and San Antonio neighborhood La Loma de la Cruz. In the afternoon, visit Paraná cattle ranches in Cerrito and Hacienda Pasoancho in Roso. Dinner The Swiss Corner Restaurant (Dapa Valley). Accommodation, Centennial Plaza.


Day 11, Monday

Breakfast. Visit Ingenio azucarero del Cauca or Providencia. In the afternoon The vineyards "PUNTO GRAJALES" grapes, melon, papaya and citrus in La Union Valley, lunch, transfer to Pereira and accommodation Hotel San Simón.


Day 12, Tuesday

Breakfast, Matecaña Pereira airport transfer. Flight Pereira-Bogota

 End of the program.



Biodiversity and Full Nature



Arrival to the city of Cali - Valle del Cauca: Hotel accommodation at the Calima Real de Cali hotel, rest.


DAY 1: 7:00 BREAKFAST. Transfer to Buenaventura - Valle del Cauca (2 hours 40 min), sea transfer from the pier to Juanchaco (45 min), transfer Juanchaco to Ladrilleros (10 min), hotel accommodation, departure to make Tour to the Sierpe. Return to the hotel, dinner, rest.


DAY 2: Breakfast, Departure to make Excursion to Mangroves, estuaries and Playa Esponja. In the afternoon return to the hotel, dinner, accommodation, rest.


DAY 3: BREAKFAST, free morning. 1:00 pm, departure to the pier, transfer to Buenaventura and continue to Cali at the Hotel Calima Real, accommodation and rest.


DAY 4: BREAKFAST, Departure from Cali to the city of Popayán (3 hours approx). Accommodation at the Los Portales hotel. Accommodation and rest.


DAY 5: BREAKFAST, City tour through the historic sector of the city (walking tour). Free afternoon. At night accommodation and rest.


DAY 6: BREAKFAST, Departure to the municipality of Puracé (From Popayán: 2 hrs 30 min approx), accommodation in tourist Inn El Jardín del Cóndor, rest.


DAY 7 / BREAKFAST, Excursion through the Puracé National Natural Park, Mirador del Cóndor, San Juan Hot Springs, Cascada del Bedón, San Rafaél Lagoon. Return to the hostel, accommodation and rest.


DAY 8 / BREAKFAST, Departure to San Agustín (5 hours 50 min approx), hotel accommodation in Huaka YO, Then departure to the Archaeological Park, return to the hotel, rest.


DAY 9: BREAKFAST, Departure to the City of Popayán (7 hrs approx), accommodation at Hotel Los Portales, rest.


DAY 10 /: Departure to the city of Cali




DAY 1: Arrival in Bogotá - Accommodation at the hotel El Campin, rest


DAY 2: BREAKFAST City tour, return to the hotel, accommodation, rest


DAY 3: BREAKFAST, 7:00 a.m. Departure to El Dorado airport to take a flight to Monteria (BOG Hours 8:50 - MTR 10:10 am), Transfer from "Los Garzones" airport in Montería to Tolú - Coveñas (duration 2 and a half hours). Arrival at the Hotel "Playa Mar", accommodation, rest.


DAY 4: BREAKFAST, Cartagena Urban Excursion. Hotel accommodation in the hostel The traveler in Cartagena, accommodation, rest.


DAY 5: BREAKFAST, Academic event at the University about climate change and conservation areas. Accommodation Hostel The traveler, rest

DAY 6: BREAKFAST, transfer to the dock to visit Islas del Rosario archipelago, Return at 16:00 hrs. Return to the hotel in Cartagena, rest.


DAY 7: BREAKFAST, Tour of the Canal del Dique area to see the social and environmental impacts of the winter seasons, return to the hotel, rest room


DAY 8: BREAKFAST, Departure to Santa Marta. Excursion to the Ciénaga Grande de la Magdalena Biosphere Reserve, amphibian populations, mangrove areas. Hotel accommodation in the Sol y Mar Hostel, accommodation, rest.


DAY 09: BREAKFAST. Fieldwork: Tourism in the Biosphere Reserve. Interviews with officials, travel agencies, tourists. Accommodation, rest.


DAY 10: BREAKFAST, Continuation of field work, accommodation Hostal sol y Mar, rest.


DAY 11: BREAKFAST, Breakfast. Visit of the Federation of Coffee Growers. Departure to the base of the field work in the Sierra Nevada, accommodation in the "Los Cocos" farm (Bonda Corregimiento, natural park Manguera de Bonda jirocasaca 100 meters from the river bridge. Approximately 6 km from downtown Santa Marta, the estimated time in the tour is 20 minutes from the center of Santa Marta).

DAY 12: BREAKFAST, Field work back to Finca Los Cocos, accommodation, rest


DAY 13: BREAKFAST, Field work in Asofintur cooperative farms. Accommodation in Finca "Los Cocos", rest.


DAY 14: BREAKFAST, Breakfast. Participation in a Mass (Catholic or Evangelical). In the afternoon Tour with horse. Accommodation, rest


DAY 15: BREAKFAST, Field work. In the afternoon, the group's internal workshop. Accommodation, rest


DAY 16: BREAKFAST, Presentation of the first results in the farm cooperative. Accommodation, rest


DAY 17: BREAKFAST, Departure to Tayrona National Park. Excursion in the Park. Return to Santa Marta, accommodation Hostal Sol y Mar, rest


DAY 18: BREAKFAST, Departure in interdepartmental transport to the city of Bucaramanga, hotel accommodation in the Hotel El Pilar, accommodation, rest.


DAY 19: BREAKFAST, Departure to the city of Bogotá, arrival at the hotel El Campin, accommodation, rest.


DAY 20: BREAKFAST, Departure from the hotel. End of the Excursion!